School-age children, and even teenagers, have a limited range of behaviors available to let the adults in their lives know that something is wrong.  AD/HD, anxiety, depression, and learning difficulties often look the same behaviorally.  A full evaluation identifies the underlying issues causing the distress so that effective interventions can be implemented.

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What does an evaluation entail?

  • Parent interview
  • Thorough review of Developmental History
  • Thorough review of Academic Record, including previous testing (if any)
  • Classroom observation
  • Teacher Interview
  • IQ Testing
  • Achievement Testing
  • Behavioral/Emotional Screening

Additional testing, if necessary, could include:

  • Auditory Processing, including Phonological Processing
  • Visual Processing
  • In-depth Reading Evaluation
  • In-depth Writing Evaluation
  • Memory Testing – Visual, Verbal, and Learning Curve
  • Attention/Executive Function Testing
  • Follow-up regarding assessment of behavioral and/or emotional issues