School-age children, and even teenagers, have a limited range of behaviors available to let the adults in their lives know that something is wrong.  AD/HD, anxiety, depression, and learning difficulties often look the same behaviorally.  A full evaluation identifies the underlying issues causing the distress so that effective interventions can be implemented.

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Concerns Warranting an Evaluation

If your child is struggling with a number of issues detailed below, it would likely be very helpful to gather information leading to an understanding of what is causing the symptoms.  The more symptoms present, or the more extreme the behaviors, the more likely an evaluation would be helpful in determining effective and efficient interventions.

  • Significant family history of learning disabilities AND lagging skills
  • An educator suggests that your child might have ADHD or ADD
  • Need to repeat instructions
  • Day dreaming
  • Restlessness, up and around during class time
  • Interrupts others excessively
  • Disinterest in learning numbers and/or letters
  • Difficulty telling time on an analog clock
  • Mixing up left and right after 1st grade
  • Reversing letters and numbers after 1st grade
  • Chronic, incomplete work
  • Homework done, but not turned in
  • Battles to get homework done
  • Worries are often mentioned
  • Homework takes significantly longer than the teacher suggests
  • Significant difficulty completing items
  • The feeling that a child is “just lazy”
  • Takes “forever” to start homework
  • Projects are overwhelming/impossible
  • Tears during homework time
  • Poor performance on tests despite knowing the information
  • Writing with a very hard grip, pressing through the paper
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Easily agitated
  • Excessive relief during school vacations
  • Strong, negative feelings toward school or a particular subject:
    • Hates school
    • Hates reading
    • Hates writing
    • Hates math